Welcome to Apollo College
Welcome to Apollo College
BPT Admission 2018

The physiotherapy department is pillared by extremely dynamic post graduate faculty members. There are engaged in conducting regular scheduled curricular classes involving Theory, Practical Exposure, Evidence Based Practies and research work. The faculty has a varied background of teaching and clinical experience from premier institute hospitals and rehablitations centers.

S.NO. Name of Faculty Designation
1. Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar H.O.D. of Physiotherapy M.P.T.(Ortho)
2. Dr. Gaurav Mehta Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Neuro)
3. Dr. Rubina Rani Singh Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Cardio)
4. Dr. Rashmi Bala Sirmour Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Neuro)
5. Dr. Sangeeta Bhattacharya Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Neuro)
6. Dr. Sonali Shrivastav Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Neuro)
7. Dr. Vandana Kumari Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Ortho)
8. Dr. Harshwardhan Sahu Asst. Prof. M.P.T.(Neuro)
9. Dr. Manish Mishra M.B. Pathology
10. Dr. Sen Gupta M.D.P. Paediatrics
Welcome to Apollo College